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Horses for sale--miniatures and ponies.
These are "pasture photos".  This is what our horses really look like, no make up, little clipping.
We can easily take others if you wish. We will pay for coggins and health papers for horses going out of state on horses selling for $1200 or more.


(Pony Connection Misty Rose)

With a great deal of sadness, Misty had a foaling wreck three years ago.  Removing the foal was difficult and it appears she no longer can have babies.   Misty was born in 1999 and is a magnificent pony in the prime of her life.  She measures about 37 inches and is 1/2 Arenosa Shetland.  She has been "green-broken" to ride (it was easy, she really wanted a job) and is being ridden four times a week.  She is quite the mover and is flashy to boot.  Misty is a willing, intelligent pony and thrives on attention. She will be an incredible children's pony and soon, a fantastic driving pony.  She is Foundation registered ASPC.  Until she is trained to drive, her price is $800.  She will be ridden frequently by alight adult and hopefully by a child until she is sold.




2013 is a light foaling year for us.  We have six foals on the ground with two more coming later this summer.
Of the foals we have, two are for sale at this time, a colt and a filly, both miniatures We may have a 3/4 Arenosa pony baby available as well to the right home.  He has an issue with his legs that is correctable but time is a problem here.




Joey was born the beginning of April this year.  He is a son of Tattoos Lady Slipper and MiniV Raiders Denali.  At 22, this is possibly Slipper's last foal.  Joey is curious, friendly and well put together.  He should mature between 30 and 32 inches.  He's a mover and a looker.  Our visitors all seem to love him.  $750 registered AMHA or $500 dollars unregistered.




Katerina is one of our favorites from this year.  She's fourth generation Miniature Ventures breeding.  And we have all those generations here on the ranch.  Kat is the daughter of MiniV Raiders Deneb (a tobiano pinto) x MiniV Raiders Denali.  Her sire is right at 34 inches and her dam is about 30 inches.  We expect Katerina to end up somewhere between them.  She was born the beginning of May and these photos were taken the beginning of June.  She's grown and matured a good bit and also she.  If you look at these photos closely, you'll see the color she is shedding to...a dark liver chestnut.  She is AMHA registrable only and $750 registered, $500 unregistered.


2012 was mostly a colt year...again.  We had four boys born. Two of them are sold and the best two are still left!  In August we had two surprise fillies born!  Happily all the 2012 foals have found good homes!


Born the end of March, 2012, these pictures were taken on September 30, 2012.   Mime is a home-grown cross - Mama is Cygnet, a Raider granddaughter and his sire is Raider's Remembrance, a Raider son.   With this little guy, we have four generations of our breeding here on the farm.  At two weeks, he's just about done unfolding and is in charge of the entire world!   He inherited Raider's wonderful movement.  We expect him to mature around 32 inches in height.  So far he's friendly and outgoing...but most babies are.  He has been imprinted and mauled by our grand kids and others.  Look closely at his markings on the photo at the left :-)  We have NEVER seen anything like it before! $750.

Sold, Thank you Katherine!


Aerin is a colt sired by Raiders Image, a Raider son and MiniV Bay Brianna, daughter of our champion producer Tattoo's Lady Slipper.  This colt was born mid April, 2012.   He looks to be a colt who will mature around 30  inches He'll probably be a dark chestnut.   He has the big eye typical of Slipper's produce.  He should be quite the mover and there's driving in his future, I'm sure.   Eligible for AMHA.

SOLD  Thank you Vicky Fowler!!!

MiniV Frosted Flake

Born April 25, this delightful little boy was sired by our Arenosa Stallion, Bristol El Dorado. His dam is Bepettons Steel Magnolia, one of our best producers who always has "look at me" babies and they have done well in the show ring.  We expect him to mature around 35 inches.  He has all the movement that his sire stamps on his foals.  There is driving in his future and probably a whole lot of blue ribbons as well. . $300  Photos taken September 30, 2012

Sold Thank you, Katherine Bell

MiniV Frosted Flame

This youngster was born on April 29.  He has the undeniable color stamp that his sire, Bristol El Dorado puts on his most special babies and this boy is one.  At two days old in these photos, he is already upright and quite the mover...he's full of himself as well.  His dam, A Classic Touch Kewpies Flame is 50% Arenosa and this little boy's attitude is all Shetland.  He shows intelligence, charisma and movement.  He's going to be a big boy, likely maturing 37 or 38 inches and all of that will make him a driving machine.  We hope to show this guy at the end of the summer.  More photos will be posted as he continues to shed out.   $800
Sold, Thank you,  AMANDA

Photo taken May 31, 2012

In 2010 we didn't breed many mares due to the economy.  We expected a total of 8 foals.  We lost three of them in a row for various reasons.  These are the first three born.  Two miniatures and one 100% Arenosa pony.  So far they are all colts.

2011 Babies

chispa baby

We are really pleased with the quality of our babies so far.  They are worth a look and are priced, we feel, very fairly.  Each baby, so far, is show quality and we expect the last two (or perhaps three) to be the same.  Give us a call or come and visit us at Miniature Ventures!

MiniV Denali's Southern Storm

Storm is an early May colt.  He's a son of Bond Brown Betty and MiniV Raider's Denali.  His pedigree is royal...a Bond Showboy grandson!!!  Every indication we have is that this colt will be a winner in the show ring and he inherited movement from his grandsire, Raider as well as the beauty and grace of his dam.  He's all attitude and is very curious.  This colt could easily be your new herd sire without a doubt! He's priced at $1000 registered with AMHA.  He can be double registered.

Sold!!  Thank you Erica and Jackie!!

100% Arenosa!!

This colt is named MiniV Fuego Dios (we call him FUD)  He's a year old in these photos and is every bit Arenosa to the core.  His dam, Bristol Chispa is an extremely desired mare and she stamps her babies with her attitude, looks and definitely her movement.  His sire is our A Classic Touch Poco de Echo who is giving us some remarkable babies.  To be honest, we had hoped that this colt was a filly but we're tickled with him anyhow.   He's got an attitude and demands everyone give him a look-see. 
We're Keeping this guy...he's  amazing and a future herd sire! We have him in training now for 2012 shows! 








MiniV Denalis Spirit

Spirit...ah Spirit.  This colt was an "oops!"  His dam, Nestucca Squaw's Meetoo, broke through an electric fence to visit the stallion,  Miniv Raiders Denali.  Spirit is an upright, friendly little colt who just wants to please and be loved.  Born in May, 2011 he's been a favorite for our many visitors.  We've been reluctant to sell him.  He's going to be an amazing gelding for someone and with his movement and temperament, he will be quite the driving machine!   $500 unregistered!

Thank you, Megan! We're excited for you!


photo taken May 31, 2012


Bueno was a late summer, 2011 colt.  He is a son of our A Classic Touch Poco del Echo and the first foal out of our Rabbit Hutch Ranch Buckeroo Gal (Bunny).  Bunny is 50% Arenosa and TINY--31" tall and is a grand daughter of Buckeroo and sired by FWF Kewpies Charro.

Bueno is going to remain small.  It's unlikely he'll go much over 32" .  These photos aren't all that great but he's cute as a button, moves very well and has all that color!!!  He's a year old in these photos (taken Spring 2012) and is curious, correct and athletic.  He could easily be a herd sire for you or would make a flashy driving gelding. Will try to get better photos this week!  We're selling him unregistered but he can easily be registered AMHR. $750




Elle is five year old mare who has been pasture bred this year to our Arenosa Shetland stallion A Classic Touch Poco de Echo.  This is the first time she has been bred and this will be her first foal in 2013.  Elle is a palomino and white pinto with dead straight legs and movement to die for.  She belongs attached to a cart and driving. She measures approximately 36 inches at the withers.

The photos here were taken August 9, 2012

 Poor Elle was brought here to be bred by her owner and then abandoned. by her owner who is moving to Colorado.  We are charging extremely little.  Poco's breeding fee is normally $250 and Elle is priced way below that!   Elle's sire is our multiple champion Bristol El Dorado (and she looks an awful lot like him) and her dam is Cross Country's Second Edition.  She's royally bred and ROWDY is her great grandsire.


Congratulation Brandie and Chad Swindle!!!!


Halbarad or Hal is a three year old black stallion with white socks.  He is a son of our Bristol El Dorado, multiple grand champion stallion.  His dam is Bepetton's Steel Magnolia, a royally bred mare who is tested homzygous pinto. 

Halbarad is a moving machine. He has presence, charisma, and is very sweet.  Unfortunately, like Elle above, he was abandoned here by his owner who is moving to Colorado. His conformation is wonderful and he has all you might be looking for in a show stallion or a herd sire: straight legs, great bite, great movement, and a super attitude.  He's ready to be taught to ground drive.

Because Halbarad was abandoned here, we are pricing him at $100.  There's nothing wrong with him...he just needs a new and loving home.  Come by and see him!
These photos were taken in the field on August 8, 2012.  He has horehound stickers in his forelock and mane but we'll get them out and hopefully get more photos of him.


Congratulations Brandi and Chad Swindle!!!!!


MiniV Dorados SunStruck

is a March, 2007 filly.  She is a gorgeous golden palomino with 75% Arenosa breeding.  Her sire is our Bristol Eldorado, multiple champion of champions and our A Classic Touch Kewpies Flame, 50% Arenosa mare, one of the friendliest horses in the herd.

Sunstruck is about 37 inches tall at the withers. She is inquisitive and friendly.  She should be trained to drive as she is strong, fancy and a superb mover. We call her one of the "triplets" here at Miniature Ventures because she's one of three lovely little solid palomino girls we had within a month in 2007. 

Sunstruck will make a valuable addition to any herd as a future broodmare. Write us for more photos...this is one filly who should not be missed!
 Sold, Thank you Ed!


photo taken January 12, 2009


photo taken May 28, 2012

MiniV Pocos Hiela

Hiela is a pretty special filly.  Born in May, 2007, she is sired by our A Classis Touch Poco de Echo.  Her dam is Alamos Snowmans Blue Ice, a very special mare in a lot of ways...her color (perlino) being only one of them.

Hiela was shown to Champion Junior Mare in her only show as a weanling. As you can see, she's a golden palomino and will mature to about 35 inches. She is registered AMHR and really deserves to be in a show home.  That's the only reason we're selling her...she has the potential to go all the way if she is handled properly.  Hiela has it all.  She's friendly, inquisitive, loving, charismatic and put together beautifully.  With her very refined Arabian looks and movement, she can easily be driven as well as shown in halter.  Hiela inherits the dilute gene from both her parents.  She is number two of our 2007 triplets.  We have current, winter fuzzy photos of Hiela. Please Inquire about her price as we will make special considerations to a show home $1000



MiniV Pocos Senorita

Senorita is a 50% Arenosa filly born in June, 2008.  Her dam is our 32 inch Nestucca Squaw's Meetoo (our very first miniature) and her sire is our 36 inch A Classic Touch Poco de Echo (100% Arensoa Stallion). Senorita's birth is chronicled in our health pages, A Normal Foaling in pictures .  Senorita's registration is in the works with AMHR.  She is a silver dapple filly with a beautiful white star.  She's very correct and has all the movement qualities of her Arenosa parentage.  We guess she will mature around 35 inches tall.
  *Sale Pending*


2010 Foals

2010 was a light foaling year for us at Miniature Ventures.  We purposely only bred a few mares because of the economy and us down-sizing our herd some.  We have had 8 foals this year...a total of five colts and three fillies.   We are proud to present the majority of these delightful babies to you here on our website.  We have more photos available if you need them and can easily take others

if you like.  All these pictures were taken in the field on September 7, 2010 and show the babies as they look to us every day.  The pics of Halbarad have some spots on them because of stuff that was on our camera lens.  Most of our babies are either weaned or ready to be weaned so they can leave here any time.  The only exceptions are Flora and Lightening Bolt.  ENJOY the pics and come on by to check out these wonderful kids!

MiniV Dorados Eva

Eva will be a gorgeous, probably 36 inch palomino mare with movement to die for.Her sire is Bristol El Dorado and her dam is Cross Country's Second Edition.  She's a Red Boy (now deceased) grand daughter and for those of you who know miniature bloodlines, you know she's royally bred!  She can easily be registered into AMHR.  Her price, $1500 registered, or only $1000 unregistered.   She will be an amazing addition to your herd!




At Miniature Ventures we've been blessed with several stallions who sire many dilute colored horses--especially buckskins and palominos. 
Pintos Pintos Pintos

Two of our pony stallions, El Dorado and Poco also sire a great deal of pintos as well. 

MiniV Pocos Precious

Precious is a gorgeous filly with one ice blue eye.Many visitors here at the ranch are drawn to her and her "look-at-me" charisma.  She's offish and needs a lot of handling but will make a magnificent show pony both as a halter horse and a driving pony. She should mature around 36".  Her sire is our 100% Arenosa A Classic Touch Poco del Echo.  We have only just decided to let her go...and for the bargain basement price of $750.  Precious is 100% Shetland. 
photos taken May 28, 2012


MiniV Pocos Jewel

Jewel is 50% Arenosa Shetland Pony and 50% miniature horse.  She is sired by our A Classic Touch Poco del Echo and her dam is our MiniV Bay Brianna.  We call her jewel because of the "necklace" of white that she wears.  Jewel was to be our daughter's show mare but our daughter lost interest when the show season hit this year.  Jewel will do well in both halter and performance classes.   She can be registered AMHR and we're selling her unregistered for $750.  Jewel needs a lot of one-on-one attention right now and certainly has an "attitude". 
photos taken May 28, 2012



MANY MORE TO COME -- Give us a call!  541-410-6222


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